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Virtual Reality Design Center Helps
Accelerate the Production of New Aircraft

Advanced computer-assisted design, engineering, and manufacturing systems allow Embraer to turn aircraft concepts into finished products in a remarkably short time frame. The first flight of Embraer’s new ERJ 170 jetliner, for example, is expected in 2001, approximately two years after the program was initiated.

To speed development of the ERJ 170/190 jet family, Embraer is working with partners on three continents, including Kawasaki (Japan), Sonaca (Belgium), Latécoère (France), and Gamesa (Spain). U.S. partners include General Electric, Hamilton/Sundstrand, Honeywell, Parker Hannifin, and C&D Interiors. Liebherr International (Germany) through the joint venture, ELEB (Embraer-Liebherr Equipamentos do Brasil S.A.), will be in charge of the landing gear system.

An "Inside" Look at New Aircraft
Embraer’s new Virtual Reality Design Center provides aircraft designers and engineers with a three-dimensional look at new aircraft. This powerful computer system allows team members to model airframes and aircraft systems, greatly accelerating the development process. It also allows designers to take a “virtual tour” of every section of the aircraft and test the potential locations of different components to create the most practical design.