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Advanced Internet-Based Information System
Sets New Standard in Customer Service

With more than 1,000 regional aircraft in service worldwide, Embraer is committed to providing its customers with excellent operational and field support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A Proactive Approach
Embraer’s Customer Service business unit takes a proactive approach to meeting customer needs. Embraer is implementing the industry’s first Internet-based Customer Integration System (CIS), giving customers access to information such as spare parts inventories, status of purchase orders, and technical materials including technical publications, technical queries, and service requests.

Another example of Embraer’s emphasis on customer satisfaction was the creation of a customer support organization. Each regional operator has a customer account manager (CAM) who focuses exclusively on that customer’s needs. The CAM, with the support of Embraer’s product manager, assists in coordinating all areas of support, including technical, operations, training, and parts provisioning.